Roper Oven Repair Services

The appliance company began as the Upton Machine Co., named after the founders Louis Upton and Emory Upton. … Roper appliances are made in the same factories as Whirlpool appliances which include Clyde, Ohio for washers, Marion, Ohio for dryers, and Findlay, Ohio for dishwashers

Roper Oven Troubleshooting and Problems

Won’t Operate

If your oven won’t operate at all, your first task is to check its power supply. Make sure the range is plugged into a functional grounded outlet. To see if the outlet is working, plug a small appliance like a blow dryer or lamp in and turn it on. If the outlet doesn’t have power, examine your home’s fuse box or circuit breaker and replace any blown fuses, or reset the breaker as necessary. Consult an electrician if you can’t find a problem with the fuse box or circuit breaker and the outlet still isn’t functional.


Temperature Too High or Low

If food takes longer to cook than is usual, or it burns during the normal baking time, your oven’s temperature may be too low or high; its temperature calibration requires adjustment. To adjust it, make sure the temperature control knob is set to Off and pull it straight off. Turn the knob over and loosen the locking screws inside. To lower your oven’s temperature, grasp the knob firmly and turn the outer portion counterclockwise until you move the tooth a notch to the left. To raise the temperature, hold the knob tightly and turn the outer portion clockwise until the tooth moves one notch to the right. Each notch represents 5 degrees. Once you’ve adjusted the temperature to your satisfaction, tighten the locking screws and reinstall the knob on the range.

Poor Cooking Results

If you aren’t satisfied with the cooking results in your oven after adjusting the temperature calibration, make sure that the entire range is level. Set a rack in the oven and place a level on it to check the levelness both side to side and front to back. If you find that your range isn’t level, pull the appliance forward until the rear leveling leg emerges from the anti-tip bracket. If you have a model with storage drawers, you’ll need a ¼-inch-drive ratchet, pliers or a wrench to adjust the leveling legs until the range is level. If the Roper range is level but the oven still isn’t producing satisfactory cooking results, make sure that you’ve positioned the racks correctly according to the guidelines in your owner’s manual. You must leave enough room for air to circulate around your cookware — there should be at least 2 inches of space between your bakeware and the oven walls.


Oven Light Out

If your oven light goes out, the bulb likely needs to be replaced. The oven requires a standard 40-watt appliance bulb, which you can find at your local home improvement or hardware store. Make sure the oven is turned off and completely cool before replacing the bulb. Unplug the range. Reach into the back of the oven to turn the glass bulb cover counterclockwise to remove. Twist the bulb in a counterclockwise direction as well to remove it from the socket. Replace with the new bulb and reinstall the cover, turning both in a clockwise direction. Once you plug your range back in, your oven light should be operational.

Roper Oven Experts

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