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Maytag is an American brand of refrigerators, the main feature of which is an impressive space for storage. A large part of its product range is formed by big devices, which are ideal for use in the services` sector and on a spacious home kitchen. Below you will find a table of Maytag refrigerator troubleshooting system. Use it to identify the fault of your “giant”.

Maytag Refrigerator Troubleshooting and Problems

Refrigerators and freezers just like any other Maytag appliance are great appliances to have around the household, but unfortunately sometimes your maytag fridge will run into certain problems due to a fault in engineering design by Maytag or in some cases, how you use the fridge on a daily basis.

Our professional appliance repair technicians recommend that you follow the manufacturer suggested maintenance instructions for your fridge to keep it running like new for a long time.

Thankfully most problems with household fridges can be solved relatively easily by means of refrigerator repair if you have the right tools and know-how.

Below, we’ve included a summary of the top 5 common problems, their symptoms as well as several ideas as to how they can be solved / fixed to make sure that your Maytag fridge is running as good as new again.

#1 – The fridge isn’t cooling (not keeping cold temperature)

Sometimes your fridge just won’t stay cold. This actually happens once in a while with most fridges and freezers. And thankfully when it comes to maytag refrigerator repair, we are the experts, so we’ve got you covered. When you notice that your fridge doesn’t maintain a cold temperature and ask yourself “Why is my Maytag refrigerator not cooling?” Generally this is due to one of the following issues and parts inside of the refrigerator.

Potential Solution #1 – Check the condenser coils. These coils are found on the underside of the fridge. They pass refrigerant (coolant) to get rid of excess operational heat in the fridge. If they get covered in dust / dirt or any other gunk, they don’t get rid of the heat as well as they do when they’re clean. So the very first thing we advise you to check is whether or not the coils are dirty, and if you find that they are – just give them a nice quick clean.

Potential solution #2 – Check the condenser fan motor. This fan actually takes in air via the condenser coils we just talked about and pushes it over the fridge’s compressor. To see if it’s working properly you need to check the condenser fan for any kind of blockage or if something may be obstructing the blades from spinning properly. If it’s not spinning, try clearing it and turning it with your hand to see if it will start moving again. If it doesn’t run by itself after you’ve cleared the dust / debris that may have been blocking it – you need to replace the fan motor.

Potential solution #3 – the evaporator fan motor. This fan works in a similar way to the condenser fan motor mentioned above, but here we pull air through the cooling coils and push it across the entirety of the fridges and freezers compartments to make sure that the air in the freezer is cold. In most fridges this fan is located in one of the freezer compartments. One of the telltale signs of a busted evaporator fan motor is when your fridge isn’t getting cold, but your freezer is. Once you’ve found the fan, try to give the blades a turn and if you see that the motor is running but the fan isn’t, you can use a tool like a multimeter to check the windings of the motor

#2 – The water dispenser isn’t working

Unlike an issue with ice or water buildup, in this case – there’s nothing coming out at all. Thankfully, dealing with a broken water dispenser isn’t one of the most complicated fridge issues to try and fix.

Potential solution #1 – Check if the water tube (also called a water line sometimes) is frozen over. You can find it in the fridge or freezer door (check both doors on french door refrigerator models), and when you’re taking a look, make sure that you disconnect the supply tube and blow some air into the line. If the air doesn’t go through, it can mean that the water line is frozen over. If this is the case – just let it sit for a bit of time to allow the ice build up to melt away. To prevent this from happening in the future, for most Maytag products concerned with refrigeration, the company recommends keeping your freezer between zero and ten degrees Fahrenheit. If you keep it cooler than the recommended temperature range, you’ll find the watter tube freezing over often.

Potential solution #2 – This fix doesn’t have anything to do with the appliance itself, but rather with the pressure of the water being fed into the appliance. Check if your home’s water pressure is 20 PSI or above.

Potential solution #3 – Check the water inlet valve. One of the more annoying issues to deal with is when your water inlet valve is busted. This valve is responsible for supplying the water that your dispenser would pour. If you see that the pressure of the water fed to the fridge is at least 20 PSI, then you can use a multimeter to test whether or not the inlet valve has continuity. If you find that the answer to the question above is no, you’ll have to replace the valve.

#3 – Refrigerator Ice maker isn’t making ice

Potential solution #1 – The first possible icemaker repair solution is pretty simple. Your freezer might be running at a temperature that’s too high for it to produce cubes of ice properly. Check if your freezer temperature is set to be inbetween zero and five degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s running at a proper temperature, just like in the case of a Maytag refrigerator not staying cold, take a look at the condenser coils and the fan motor issues mentioned above.

Potential solution #2 – There is another part to be checked. the ice machine module has a nifty motor that’s responsible for working with the ejector arms. If the module isn’t working properly, it won’t cycle through dispensing newly made ice and refilling water for another batch to be made. Depending on what refrigerator model you’re working with, make sure that the door alarm is off, the switch is in the on position and the bail arm is facing down. Also make sure that the isn’t any ice freezing the arms in place or causing them to be stuck.

Potential solution #3 – The third potential solution has to do with the ice maker assembly itself. Generally speaking, this is more or less of a last resort when it comes to refrigerator repair concerning an issue with dispensing or making ice. The problem is that the assembly is often not sold in separate parts, so you’d have to replace the whole unit, which can get fairly expensive. Before you go ahead and replace it, make sure that the water line, teh inlet valve and all fan motor bits are working fine.

#4 – The food is getting frozen

Nothing is more annoying than putting your groceries in the fresh food compartment and coming back to find them frozen shortly after. What are you going to do? Take a blow dryer to it every time? Unfortunately, this is a fairly complicated frige problem and can take some time to resolve

Potential solution #1 – Check the temperature control thermostat. This part controls voltage going to the compressor in your maytag fridge as well as the fan motor bits we covered earlier in this article. If the thermostat is broken, it can cause the fridge to stay in the cooling cycle much longer than needed, and thus freeze your groceries and food. To check if it’s broken or not, just switch the thermostat between settings, from highest to lowest. Keep it in each setting for a couple of seconds and if you hear it make a clicking sound, it’s probably working just fine. However, if you don’t hear a click, it’s time to bust out the good old multimeter and test it for continuity between various settings.

Potential solution #2 – Check the thermistor. This part is responsible for letting the control board know what temperature the appliance is running at. In the even that this part is defective or broken, the fridge will stay in the cooling cycle much longer than intended, if not indefinitely. To check if this part is working normally or if it’s defective, hook it up to the multimeter and see if the resistance changes with cycles and whether the part itself has continuity. If the answer is no to either – this part needs to be replaced.

Potential solution #3 – Check the main control board. This is a very, and we mean VERY rare issue. But, if you’ve tested all of the other common faults and potentially broken parts, this can potentially be the cause and replacing this circuit board may fix the problem.

#5 – The maytag fridge is making loud noises

While having some noises occur is normal for any working refrigerator, any irregular noise or excessively loud noise is generally an indication that something’s wrong with the appliance.

Potential solution #1 – Check the fan blades. If you hear a loud whirring noise when you open the fridge or freezer door, then likely you’re dealing with a busted (or frozen due to ice build up) evaporator fan or condenser fan motor. Pull off the back panel of the freezer and check the evaporator fan blades to see whether or not they’re blocked by anything and spinning freely. You can also find the condenser fan under the fridge (or bottom of the freezer in some models).

Potential solution #2 – Check the compressor. Every single freezer and refrigerator repair job gets very complex as soon as the compressor is involved. This part is located in the back of the fridge, behind the back panel. Check if this is the part making the noise. In the case that this is the noise maker, keep in mind that most compressors can still last for years after they start making noise, and they are very expensive to replace or fix. But on the flip side, if it’s making noises, it’s starting to fail and break down. Unfortunately, this is not a DIY job and this job has to be done by a professional appliance repair company or technician.

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