JennAir Oven Repair Services

JennAir is a Benton Harbor, Michigan-based designer and manufacturer of household appliances and fixtures

JennAir Oven Troubleshooting and Problems

Step 1

Check your home’s electrical service panel for a blown fuse or tripped breaker and address these issues as necessary if your Jenn-Air oven does not operate at all. Failure of the oven’s LCD display and touchscreen — common features across Jenn-Air models — to light up may indicate a power-related issue.

Step 2

Ensure that the oven’s door is completely closed if the self-clean cycle does not operate.

Step 3

Disable the button lock function if the oven powers on but does not respond to your control input. On the screen, beside the “Button/Screen Lock” text, slide the bar up on the screen to unlock the buttons and touch controls. On some models, you can deactivate button lock by pressing and holding “Start” for three seconds until the oven beeps twice. Likewise, press “Cancel” to disable Sabbath mode, if your oven comes equipped with this feature.

Step 4

Adjust your oven’s temperature offset if the cooking temperature seems too hot or too cold. First, touch “Setup Menu” on the main screen, then choose “Temperature Calibration” — you’ll have to choose which oven to calibrate if you have a double oven. Press “-1°” to reduce the temperature offset by one degree Fahrenheit or “+1°” to increase it. You can adjust the offset by up to 35 degrees in either direction. Press “Save” to finalize your choice.

Step 5

Move the oven racks to a higher position if your baked goods are consistently burnt on the bottom. If your food doesn’t cook evenly, ensure that at least 2 inches of space exists between your cookware and the oven compartment’s interior walls. This encourages proper heat circulation.

JennAir Oven Experts

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