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JennAir is a Benton Harbor, Michigan-based designer and manufacturer of household appliances and fixtures

JennAir Dryer Troubleshooting and Problems

Jennir dryer overheating

A jennAir dryer overheating can be caused by a faulty heating element assembly which warms the air before it enters the dryer drum. If the element is defective it can produce continuous heat even when the dryer has reached the correct temperature. If the heating element is shorted out it will need replacing.

The cycling thermostat maintains the proper air temperature by cycling the heat on and off. If this component fails to work properly it may keep the heat on too long, resulting in the dryer overheating.

Felt seals at the front and rear of the drum prevent heat from escaping. If the seals are worn the heat won’t be drawn through the drum properly and the dryer will get too hot. If seals don’t fit snugly, they will need replacing.

As well as the issues discussed other problems can occur with the dryer not spinning, the drum not turning, and the dryer not stopping. Any jennAir washer and dryer problems can be quickly diagnosed and effectively fixed by our trusted appliance repair engineers.

JennAir Dryer Experts

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