Frigidaire Oven Repair Services

Frigidaire Appliance Company is the US consumer and commercial home appliances brand subsidiary of European parent company Electrolux.

Frigidaire Oven Troubleshooting and Problems

F1 Error

The F1 code indicates a control failure. Try pressing a key to see if it displays on the screen. If not, the keypad may have shorted and requires replacement. If the keypad is fine, there is perhaps a problem with the internal checksum, or computer data; disconnect the power for 30 seconds and reconnect it. If the code remains, you must replace the electronic oven control, or EOC for short. If the F1 code appears when the oven is running, it means that the oven senses an overheating condition. Use an external thermometer to check the temperature inside the oven. If it is accurate, it means that either the temperature sensor probe or the control relay has malfunctioned. Disconnect the power, and inspect the sensor probe, replacing it if necessary. If the oven is actually overheating, replace the EOC. If the oven is allowed to overheat, the resulting damage will possibly be so extensive that the entire oven may require replacement.

F3 Error

The F3 error code implies an oven probe malfunction. The problem is most likely an open or shorted resistance temperature detector, sensor probe or wiring issue. In fact, if the RTD sensor probe is open, the display may show an F1 error code, thinking there is an overheating problem. Inspect all of the wiring involving the RTD sensor probe, keeping an eye out for shorts and open conditions. If the wiring appears fine, test the RTD resistance at room temperature with a multimeter and compare it to the probe resistance chart on the appliance’s service data sheet. If the reading is off, replace the sensor probe.

Frigidaire Oven Experts

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