Bosch Oven Repair Services

Nowadays, Bosch ovens are designed with self-diagnostic abilities. If your Bosch oven is not working properly with any problem, you may have a dilemma to resolve it. Don’t worry, here, we have updated the Bosch oven troubleshooting guide so that you can fix the issues as soon as possible. Let’s continue to read our Bosch convection oven troubleshooting tips and diagnose the problem to solve.

Bosch Oven Troubleshooting and Problems

Bosch Error Codes

These Bosch oven errors are different for each model. But, all they have some common error codes that display information on the display. These include:

ER1 – Temperature Sensor Failure

To resolve this issue, you have to check the temperature sensor wiring, sensor, and control module. This error troubleshooting is somewhat difficult for resolving easily. So, you may need to take the help of an appliance repair expert.

ER2 – Issue with electrical network connection

This error will display due to issues in the incoming power connection or control module. Here are a few steps you can follow to resolve this problem.

  • Check the main supply connection and ensure that supply is within normal operating range.
  • Inspect the terminal connection block.
  • After that check the control module.

If you get any of these errors, you will get troubles with your incoming electric line.

ER3 – Oven overheating

For this, switch off the unit and let it cool for some time. After that, restart the oven.

ER6 – Defective door lock.

Check the door lock and get it replaced if you find it defective.

ER8 – Problem in the circuit

If you know electric circuit issues troubleshooting, check them once. Otherwise, call a technician.

E005 – The protective replay won’t turn on.

Make the unit turn on and off to avoid this problem.

E011 – This error will occur when water or dirt entering the control panel. So, clean any dirt and moisture.

E115 – The temperature is too high.

E305 – No connection between the baseplates.

F31 – Temperature sensor failure

Check for temperature sensor probe for dirt buildup. Also, control malfunction may cause this error code.

F33– Indicates drawer sensor failure

F41 – Latch motor or wiring fault

F45 – Jammed or damaged upper oven door.


Sometimes troubleshooting Bosch oven problems can be critical. In that situation, you should take professional repair.

Bosch Oven Experts

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